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PLUM 97.1


The concept of PLUM 97.1 condominium is to cater to the needs of the "colorful generation" who seek a vibrant and lively living experience. The condominium is designed to emphasize bold, vibrant colors and patterns, creating a lively and energizing atmosphere. The idea is to offer a unique living experience that is both modern and fun.

PLUM 97.1 condominium is a towering presence at Sukhumvit 97/1 in the bustling city of Bangkok, offering 425 units spread across 8 floors and 2 towers. The units are designed to appeal to the young, the energetic, and those who appreciate the bold and lively aesthetics of modern living.

The architecture of the building reflects the vibrancy of the community, with bold colors and striking patterns incorporated into the design. The interiors of the units are carefully curated to provide residents with a space that is not only comfortable but also inspiring.

The facilities within the condominium are designed to support an active and social lifestyle, with amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness area, and a community lounge. The design of the common areas, including the lobby and the corridors, is inspired by the colorful and vibrant energy of the neighborhood.





Plum 97.1 - Condominium l
Sukhumvit 97/1, Bangkok, Thailand |
Pruksa Real Estate |
PAON Architects |

Chanon Petchsangngam & Roongnapa Dormieu l
Pruksa Real Estate l

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