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Architectural / Interior Design

The design of the Lloyd Soonvijai Condominium sales gallery is truly remarkable in its ability to balance the urban energy with the serenity of a residential area. This one-story building, with its trapezoid shape and slanted front facade, offers an outdoor space that is both functional and visually appealing.

The columns clad in aluminum composite, arranged in a random pattern, serve as a representation of the hybrid urban tissue concept and the blend of the city's energy with the surrounding greenery. The zigzag pattern of the front closure, alternating between timber and glass, further enhances the building's aesthetic appeal and reinforces the idea of a hybrid urban tissue.

In addition, the use of solid wood panels to hide the interior of the building adds to the overall design, creating a sense of mystery and making the sales gallery a memorable architectural experience.

In conclusion, the Lloyd Soonvijai Condominium sales gallery is a testament to the power of architecture in bringing together diverse elements to create a harmonious and unique design. The combination of shapes, materials, and patterns in this building's design make it a prime example of the art of architecture at its best.




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