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Architectural / Interior Design

Show gallery is built to exhibit the mock up room of on-going construction project called “KALM PENTHOUSE ARI CONDOMINIUM”. Apart from providing a visualization of the residential unit’s space, visitors can simultaneously experience the architectural design concept of the condominium.

The project is situated in Ari, Bangkok, with only 6m-wide access road in front and surrounded by diverse houses of varying height and design. This causes the approach to be slightly unpleasant and cramped. To resolve this, the building is camouflaged amidst the extensive landscape, this not only makes the project stand out from the neighborhood but contributes natural greenery to nearby residents, helping to illustrate the concept of the project.

The building is designed to have 20m-wide of glass at the front with in-and-out curvature in the back as to interlock with the landscape, seamlessly connecting to the frontal landscape. By using a curvature design, it reflects the identity of the condominium and coalesces the boundary of architecture alongside the landscape as a whole.

Implementing the interlocking curvature between architecture and landscape results in interpenetrating greenery into interior space which blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor. Moreover, it helps to separate function of reception area and lounge area but at the same time feels seamlessly connected. The structural columns are arranged within the boundary wall and integrated into the glass’s mullion to display an undisrupted glass façade.

The ground floor of the building is elevated 1m higher than the frontal road, as to prevent the disturbance of commuting vehicles on the street level. Furthermore, greenery is inserted underneath the building to create the effect of the building floating on top of nature.




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