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This project is a serviced guesthouse located in the Pathumwan district of Bangkok, a popular tourism destination. The building has a construction area of 320 square meters and three stories, and consists of four one-bedroom units with a shared common living and dining area.

The guesthouse is situated at the end of a narrow alley and has no surrounding views or open space. To improve the approach to the building and increase open space, a 2-meter setback was added in front of the building, which divides it into two parts: a negative wooden entrance and a positive white staircase box. The pushed-in facade is paneled with artificial wood battens on a dark gray wall to create a warm welcome, while the other facade is clad with white laths and has a white grooved spray texture. These two facades have a gradient pattern from top to bottom, using the scale and frequency of the laths or grooves, and the wider lath at eye level makes it more comfortable to approach the front entrance. The moiré motif also creates an interesting effect when accessing the building, making it stand out and unique.

On the west side, which has openings for most of the rooms and the common area, there is a 2-meter recede along the site and green wall panels are installed to create a view for the interior space. This side of the land faces an 8-story building. The semi-outdoor common area on the second floor is designed as a double volume to be as airy as possible.





3-storey serviced guesthouse l
Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand |
Khun Ann |
PAON Architects |

Chanon Petchsangngam & Roongnapa Dormieu l
Beaver l
Panoramic Studio l

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